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  • The Introduction of WER

    WER, an acronym for World Educational Robot Contest, was founded and organized by Federation of World Educational Robot. WER is an international robot contest for teenagers from 6 to 18. Annually, more than 300,000 participants from 20 countries will participate in WER regional contests.

    The Mission of WER

    • To be the most important educational robot contest in the world

    • To be the largest educational robot contest in the world

    • To be the educational robot contest with the most advanced and detailed projects in the world

    • To be the educational robot contest that is favored by preteens and teenagers around the world

    • To be the leader of those who train young people in technology literacy and teach them about science and technology

    • To be the leader of those who inspire young people to succeed in analysis, creativity and application capabilities

    • To be the leader in cultivating and selecting technical genius

    Competition Projects

    The competition elements under WER are the following contests: Ability, Innovation, Humanoid Robot, Aero-Robot, Mobile Robot, Underwater Robot, and Creative Robot Design. WER’s goal is to be the leading contest brand by continually upgrading its projects.

    The contest is mainly divided into two segments: “Predetermined Task” (40%) and “On-site Task” (60%). The “Predetermined Task” refers to the project tasks that contestants know about in advance of the event. These tasks are relatively difficult, since students will have had time to prepare for them. The “On-site Task” refers to the project tasks that will be revealed on site. There are three projects of different difficulty levels, and students are required to finish the tasks by themselves, on the spot, without coaches’ instruction. This requirement is fundamental to the educational goals of WER because “It is a contest for students, rather than for coaches.”

    Competition Platform

    The Abilix educational robot is the exclusive platform for the WER contest. As the pioneer and leader of educational robots, the products of Abilix fully align with the educational concept of the WER contest. It is a contest for students rather than for equipment.

    • The platform for Ability Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Creative Brick Series C203

    • The platform for Innovation Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Creative Brick Series C201

    • The platform for Humanoid Robot Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Humanoid Robot Series H201

    • The platform for Aero-Robot Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Aero Series F201

    • The platform for Mobile Robot Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Mobile Series M201

    • The platform for Underwater Robot Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Underwater Series U201

    • The platform for Creative Robot Design Contest: Abilix Educational Robot Lab Series X100 or X200

    The System of WER Contest

    • Official Contest Ⅰ: WER World Championship, which is the final international contest, held annually.

    • Official Contest Ⅱ: WER National Contest

    • Official Contest Ⅲ: WER Provincial (State) Contest

    • Official Contest Ⅳ: WER Municipal Contest

    • Successful competition in a contest allows students to progress to the next higher level event.

    • WER also encourages organizers around the world to arrange informal tournament within and between schools.

    • The members of the winning teams in the World Championship Contest will receive scholarships. In addition, their success will bring back honors to their schools and countries. This accomplishment will also support their college applications.

    The History of World Championships

    • 2013, China

    • 2014, United States

    • 2015, Canada

    • 2016, China

    The Organizations and Global Network of WER Contest

    • The Organizing Committee of WER World Championship (Chairman: Prof. Jake Mendelssohn)

    • The Committee of WER National Contest (Chairman: Mr. Lan Zhijun)

    • The Committee of WER Contest Rules (Chairman: Prof. Zhao Mingguo)

    • The Committee of WER Theory (Chairman: Dr. Yun Weimin)

    • The Federation of World Educational Robot is a network distributed all around the world of country organizations, which host their national WER Contest.

    • The WER Contest also has WER National Representatives, who are in charge of organizing municipal, provincial (state) and national contests, and selecting the national teams to attend the WER World Championship.