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The first computer came into service in 1946.

Internet came into modern society in 1969.

Nowadays, number of netizens has exceeded over 3 billion out of more than 7 billion population in a global scope.

Information technology has been radically facilitating human’s development ever before by infinitely boosting the value generated by information. Its content and speed of disseminating, disposing and using have risen exponentially, which makes computer language a global passport.

The grand landscape is as follows: Internet has become a center of obtaining and interchanging information globally, knowledge has grown into the major resource of producing wealth, emerging industries such as electronics, telecommunication and logistics are booming, technologies pertinent to semi-conductor, information transmitting, multimedia, database and data-compressing are consistently combining with one another.

Human’s lifestyles have experienced unprecedented transforming. To state more clearly, we turn on mobile phone to obtain newest information and browse most “in” products in a world-wide scale whenever and wherever possible; Email, video and voice calls have been flagged as the most pervasive communication patterns; Facebook, Wechat and Live show have been the most effective approach to demonstrate distinctive characters.

Meanwhile, potential issues about privacy leakage, computer virus, data security and online scam are increasingly grabbing public attention and humans need wits to tackle those problems.

In WER brick educational robot contest series, contestants are supposed to write codes, create telecommunication technology, develop APP and defend network security work as software engineer, telecommunication specialist, data analyst or network and information security admin, in pursuit of making information better cater to human’s development.

Educational Robot
Brick Series Contest

Featured by abound event tasks and large space of mechanical innovation.

Educational Robot
Humanoid Series Contest

Simulating future scene when humanoid robots enter people’s families, featured by large space of control and software innovation.

Educational Robot
Flying Series Contest

Programming flying series robot to complete the tasks on its own. The tasks are cool and exciting, featured by large space of control and software innova

Educational Robot
Mobile Series Contest

Designing algorithm that collects dust most efficiently, featured by large space of software innovation.

Educational Robot
Modular Series Contest

Assembling the robot to complete the task through programming.

Educational Robot
Underwater Series Contest

Programming for underwater series robot to complete the tasks on its own.

Educational Robot
Innovation Series Contest

Utilizing the mechanical and electronic devices and 3D printers to design innovative robot to complete the tasks.