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In the early 1760s, mankind entered an extremely important period in the course of scientific and technological development: First Industrial Revolution. With the emergence of the steam engine, machines started to replace humans while large factories started to replace individual hand workshops. The rapid growth of productivity stimulated demands for transportation, and correspondingly canals, hard pavements and even railways appeared. Meanwhile, the replacement of charcoal with coal reduced the cost of iron making, while the growth in iron and steel output made the construction of large-scale steel structures possible.

In the WER contest, robots designed by competing teams will impersonate miners, architects and workers of that age to carry out mining, road building, transportation, smelting, building and other tasks, or even help Watt to improve the steam engine, so as to propel human beings entry into the Industrial Age.

Educational Robot
Brick Series Contest

Featured by abound event tasks and large space of mechanical innovation.

Educational Robot
Humanoid Series Contest

Simulating future scene when humanoid robots enter people’s families, featured by large space of control and software innovation.

Educational Robot
Flying Series Contest

Programming flying series robot to complete the tasks on its own. The tasks are cool and exciting, featured by large space of control and software innova

Educational Robot
Flying Brick Series Contest

Programming flying brick series educational robot to complete assigned tasks on its own. Both interesting and innovative, the tasks bring unprecedented flying experience.

Educational Robot
Mobile Series Contest

Designing algorithm that collects dust most efficiently, featured by large space of software innovation.

Educational Robot
Modular Series Contest

Assembling the robot to complete the task through programming.

Educational Robot
Underwater Series Contest

Programming for underwater series robot to complete the tasks on its own.

Educational Robot
Innovation Series Contest

Utilizing the mechanical and electronic devices and 3D printers to design innovative robot to complete the tasks.