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National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Shanghai Expo Co., Ltd (SEC), jointly established in July 2011 by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Shanghai Eastbest International (Group) Co., Ltd, undertakes the responsibilities ranging from the investment and development of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) to its operation and exhibition products development, a grand project in accordance with a cooperation framework agreement signed between Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.

NECC is pitched as the world’s largest single building in terms of size and a global-leading exhibition complex in terms of service, which, upon completion, will construct 1.47 million square meters of buildings in total and offer about 400,000 square meters of indoor and 100,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition venues, 200,000 square meters of usable exhibition auxiliary facilities and another 300,000 square meters of comprehensive supporting facilities.

(By Metro: Line 2 East Xujing Station Exit 4, 5, 6.)
Venue Location
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