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2016 WER U.S. Open Successfully Concluded

Abilix Becomes the Global Sponsor of WER

2016 World Educational Robotics (WER) Contest held on 13-14 August at the California State University Los Angles was a great success. Approximately 200 students from various regions in China and 60 students from the local Los Angeles area schools ages 10-16 competed in six areas. After undergoing fierce competition, the representative team from Guangxi Province, China emerged champion in the primary division, while the representative team from Zhejiang Province, China came first in the Middle and high school division, each contestant of which would be awarded scholarship offered by Abilix Robotics.

Contest Snapshot

Professor Jake Mendelssohn, the president of WER, Mr. Lan Zhijun, the C.E.O of Abilix Robotics and promoting president of WER, Professor Barbara, the co-founder of Synergy Accademics, Mr. Cameron Zadeh, the president of WER America attended this event. As Jake Mendelssohn introduced: “What this contest is really about is problem-solving. And the students are learning how to put together the pieces, put things together, work as a team and then figure out solutions. That’s one of the most important skills they need in the real world.”

Professor Jake Mendelssohn Speaking at Opening Ceremony

Mr. Lan Zhijun pointed out that educational robot can systematically cultivate students’ creative ability, analytical ability and practical ability, which lays the foundation of their way to success. WER, which is the one of the best educational robotics contest in terms of the scale, projects and the educational value it conveys, plays a critical role in promoting the development and popularity of the educational robot and helping teens and preteens improve their science literacy and success ability.”

Some Guest at the Opening Ceremony

According to people concerned, the theme of the 2016 WER is “Move the Earth”. The contestants will be categorized into primary division and secondary division. Abilix is appointed as the exclusive equipment sponsor. The contest consists of preset tasks and secret tasks, which accounts for 40% and 60% respectively of the total points. The preset tasks will be revealed to the participants before the contest, which means students have enough time to prepare for it, on the other hand, the tasks will be of a higher level of difficulty compared to the task unknown. As for the secret tasks, they will be issued two hours before the contest starts. Students need to analyze the tasks, design the routes, program and debug the robot without any instructions from coaches, which also makes the contest more fair and challenging.

It’s learned that the WER consists of WER Municipal Contest, WER Provincial (State) Contest, WER National Contest, and WER Global Finals. Over 300,000 contestants from 30 countries took part in WER trials this season. The winners of the two competitions will compete against each other in the 2016 WER Global Finals, which will be held on 19-20th November in National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, China.